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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any guidelines for submitting matters arising to nature?

Separate guidelines are available for Matters Arising and for other types of submission . Please read this section before submitting anything to Nature. This section explains Nature 's editorial criteria, and how manuscripts are handled by our editors between submission and acceptance for publication.

How do I prepare a manuscript for submission to nature?

Brief guide for submission to Nature. This guide outlines key points for preparing primary research manuscripts for submission to Nature. The corresponding author should be familiar with the Nature journals’ editorial policies and is solely responsible for communicating with the journal and managing communication between coauthors.

What is supplementary information in a resubmission to nature?

This section contains information about how to prepare a final resubmission for publication in Nature. Supplementary Information (SI) is peer-reviewed material directly relevant to the conclusion of a paper that cannot be included in the printed version for reasons of space or medium.

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