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Frequently Asked Questions

What is awaiting resubmission?

Awaiting Resubmission is a status in the workflow. It may be that it is either the initial status where all issues of that type land (unlikely) or it may be there is some automation involved that is transitioning the status to this status based. upon some conditions.

What if my manuscript is rejected from Nature Communications?

In cases where manuscripts are rejected from Nature Communications, authors may wish to use the same manuscript transfer service to submit their paper to Communications Biology, Communications Chemistry, Communications Physics (as appropriate), Scientific Reports or other in-house journals.

Should nature communication have more savvy editorial staff?

I think nature communication should have more savvy editorial staff to assess manuscripts. Among all of the publishers I’ve interacted with, this team is by far the worst experience. Motivation: The speed is normal. But it is necessary to push the editor in every step. A day after the push-email, the comments came back.

What does 'awaiting resubmission' mean in the ecosystem service desk?

What does "awaiting resubmission" mean in the ecosystem service desk? I am getting this status few minutes after submission. And I don't know for whom the system is waiting - me or the ecosystem support staff. Hi Pankaj, this would be (i think) associated with how the workflow was set up. Awaiting Resubmission is a status in the workflow.

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