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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Nasami farm grow native plants?

Set on 75 acres in the Connecticut River Valley of western Massachusetts, Nasami Farm grows New England native plants from seed that we harvest sustainably from healthy, well-established wild populations throughout the region.

Is the garden shop open at Nasami farm?

Nasami Farm's Garden Shop is open for plant shopping, and our End-of-Season Plant Sale is on! Starting Saturday, August 28, all plants are 25% off for Native Plant Trust members/15% off for nonmembers, at Nasami Farm.

How can we save New England's plant diversity?

Native Plant Trust and The Nature Conservancy announce Conserving Plant Diversity, a new report that provides a scientific framework and detailed roadmap for conservation action and land protection at the species, habitat, and parcel scales that will save plant diversity—and thus overall biodiversity—in New England as the climate changes.

What does native plant news do?

Native Plant News picks her brain about collecting seed, configuring spreadsheets, and tying down greenhouses during windstorms. NPN: How did you get into the field of plant propagation?

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