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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I compare my school's attendance data to others?

Compare your school's attendance data to others locally and nationally, using our summary of the data and templates. Learn how the data is collected and how to make your own data tables using the DfE website. The figures express the amount of missed half-day sessions as a percentage of all possible half-day sessions.

Does chronic absenteeism count for students enrolled in grades K–12?

The chronic absenteeism question was not applicable to the school (the school must have students enrolled in grades K–12). The school reported incomplete data for enrollment and/or the chronic absenteeism count for at least one race/ethnicity subgroup.

What percentage of high school students are absent from school?

Overall, more than 20 percent of students in high school are chronically absent compared with more than 14 percent of students in middle school. The chronic absenteeism rate was the lowest for elementary school students, at almost 14 percent.

What is the NCES annual report?

The Annual Reports within the NCES produces several reports each year that draw from more than 25 surveys by NCES and other government agencies.

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