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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the F-35 and why is it important?

The F-35 thus is steadily replacing legacy fighters on four continents, reinforcing the global air dominance so crucial to U.S. and allied war plans. F-35 is being continually improved. F-35 technology is frequently upgraded as new threats appear and new technology becomes available.

Is the F-35 really the Pentagon’s costliest weapons program?

Every few years or so, national media rediscover that the F-35 fighter is the Pentagon’s costliest weapons program. What follows with herdlike predictability is a feeding frenzy of misinformation that undermines support for what is actually a highly successful program. The misinformation usually begins with the fighter’s price tag.

Are F-35s more expensive than F-16s?

As of 2020, Air Force F-35s cost about 50% more per flight hour than the F-16, but the F-35s are several times more productive in terms of delivering effects such as the suppression of enemy defenses. Additional reductions in cost per flight hour are expected as maintenance procedures are refined and onboard technology is enhanced.

Does the F-35 have a legacy thinking problem?

Yes, it has the usual new system problems, including being more expensive per flight hour than desired. But new system’s challenges are not limited to the F-35 and lie within U.S. acquisition processes. The more enduring F-35 challenge is legacy thinking. The “F” designation for the warplane is one illustration of this issue.

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