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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is telephone area code 708 located?

Telephone area code 708 covers western and southern Cook County and eastern and southern Will County in the state of Illinois, USA. Area code 708 was split off from area code 312 on November 11, 1989, and once covered almost all of the suburbs of Chicago. In 1996, area code 847 and area code 630 were broken off from 708.

How do you look up area code?

Use for area code lookup, area code search, and as an area code finder. You could say that takes the code out of telephone area code.

How do I find an area code?

Google: To find an area code with Google, type the name of the city and state you're looking for, followed by the words area code; you'll usually find what you're looking for.

Where is ZIP code 708?

Area code 708 is an area code that covers Northeastern Illinois, mostly Chicago's Southern suburb.

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