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Frequently Asked Questions

Is natgen the worst insurance company in America?

NatGen is the worst insurance company. Someone hit my car from behind when I was stopped at a traffic light. NatGen had me take photos of my car. Then within days they sent me a check for $1200. When the repair shop evaluated the damage their estimate was $6500. NatGen did not respond to the estimate of the repair shop.

Is national general insurance legit?

Is National General Insurance legitimate? Yes. AM Best, the well-known insurance rating organization, gives National General Insurance a solid rating for financial strength.

Is national general a good car insurance company?

National General Insurance is not a very good car insurance company, given its high premiums and poor customer service record. National General’s NAIC rating is over 9, for example, which means it has more than nine times as many complaints as the average competitor.

Is national general a good company to buy homeowners insurance?

The company has a strong rating for financial strength from AM Best. National General’s homeowners insurance costs anywhere from $600 a year for basic coverage to $2,000 or more each year for comprehensive coverage.

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