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Frequently Asked Questions

What wineries are in Napa Valley?

Situated atop Howell Mountain is Cade Estate, a winery that specializes in Cabernet Sauvignon and comprises two distinct locations: the first-ever LEED Gold-certified estate winery in Napa Valley, designed by architect Juan Carlos Fernandez, and a historic stone winery, built in 1886. Tours and tastings are available by reservation only.

Is Napa Valley worth it?

So, avoid the Napa Valley and save your money. Oh, and it will be one less car on the road for us locals. Napa would be a great part of a trip that includes San Francisco, Big Sur, and other California treasures. If you love wine and food, it is very much worthwhile, but it isn not France. Accordingly, how many days do you need in Napa Valley?

What is the best wine in Napa?

The best new place to taste in Calistoga ... All this is a lead-up to the Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa’s first-ever single-vineyard wine envisioned by Joe Heitz. It’s generous, complex and broad, with exotic spice seasoning an entire ...

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