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Frequently Asked Questions

What is multivariate testing (MVT)?

Multivariate Test overview MVT overview. Multivariate testing can help you discover the relative influence specific elements have on conversion, compared to other elements on the page. MVT terminology. When setting up a multivariate test, it is useful to understand some basic terminology. ... When to use MVT vs A/B. ... Considerations. ... Partial-factorial testing. ... Training videos. ...

What does OS/MVT mean?

Quick Overview The Mean Value Theorem is typically abbreviated MVT. The MVT describes a relationship between average rate of change and instantaneous rate of change. Geometrically, the MVT describes a relationship between the slope of a secant line and the slope of the tangent line. More items...

What is value theorem?

Mean-value theorem, theorem in mathematical analysis dealing with a type of average useful for approximations and for establishing other theorems, such as the fundamental theorem of calculus.

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