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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Murderville murder mystery?

A Murderville Murder Mystery Welcome to Murderville, a new series starring Will Arnett as a detective who, in every episode, has to solve a murder with a new celebrity guest star as his partner. The catch is: the guest star is never given a script so they have to improvise their way through the case! This show, I thought was brilliant.

Is Murderville worth watching?

Will Arnett is amazing, so 'Murderville' is worth watching for his hilarity alone. The premise of the show is OK, and most guests do a decent job; Kumail Nanjiani is the stand out - he is absolutely hilarious and that episode is by far the funniest.

Does Murderville deserve a remake?

It doesn’t deserve the new US remake, Murderville (Netflix), which hacks off the concept’s eccentric rough edges, then makes a mess of the less interesting show that’s left. As the sleeker title implies, Murderville streamlines the idea, and it makes one big change that does have a logic to it.

What is ‘murder in Successville’?

It’s an adaptation of a British show ( Murder in Successville, which is available on Britbox ). In the American version, Will Arnett plays Terry Seattle, a hard-boiled noirish detective. In every episode, his police chief–slash–ex-wife, played by Haneefah Wood, introduces Terry to a new partner hired to solve this episode’s murder case.

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