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Frequently Asked Questions

What is multi-appliance insurance and how does it work?

This multi-appliance insurance is a single policy covering all your appliances, you save £££’s by combining all your appliances under one policy compared with single plan purchases. We also have a Kitchen Plan product which covers just your kitchen appliances.

Does comparecompare the market offer appliance insurance?

Compare the Market doesn’t currently offer comparisons for standalone appliance insurance, but you can find contents insurance through us. How much cover do I need? Are security systems worth it and can they reduce the cost of my insurance?

What isappliance insurance and what does it cover?

Appliance insurance is a bit like an extended warranty, but it’s usually cheaper and covers you for more. What appliances can you get appliance insurance for? Appliance insurance can cover things like your:

Is it cheaper to insure appliances?

However, while an appliance insurance policy is likely to be cheaper than replacing a recently purchased appliance, the value of your appliances should play a huge role in whether you opt for appliance insurance. If your appliances are already fairly dated, then specialist cover may not cover them.

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