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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MDOT MTA stand for?

The Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) recognizes bicycling as a clean, fun and healthy transportation option to get customers from their front door to ... Sep 12, 2019. Opening of MDOT MTA Camden Station Delivers a Home Run for Transit Riders.

How many bus routes does the MTA have in Baltimore?

MTA bus service currently has over 60 bus routes, which include high frequency CityLink routes, LocalLink, and Express BusLink routes (which operate from various suburbs to downtown Baltimore).

How does the MTA decide to increase bus fares?

The law mandates that when the CPI-U increases over the prior five years, MDOT MTA must increase Commuter Bus and MARC Train fares to the nearest dollar. Based on the legislatively mandated formula, Commuter Bus and MARC one-way fares will increase $1.

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