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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns MRT in Malaysia?

The developer and asset owner of the mass rapid transit & MRT Feeder Buses Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (abbreviated as MRT Corp or MRTC) is a Malaysian state-owned company and a corporate body established under the Ministry of Finance (Incorporation) Act 1957. MRT Corp is fully owned by the Minister of Finance (Incorporated) .

What is the difference between LRT and MRT?

LRT stands for Light Rail Transit, while MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit. The next difference between the two can be noted in terms of their respective speeds of operation. While LRT operates at a considerably high speed, MRT boasts a higher speed of operation. This enables the latter to cover greater ground during the course of the day.

What is Kereta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)?

Rangkaian kereta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) saat uji coba dari Stasiun Lebak Bulus ke Bundaran HI di Jakarta, Senin (18/2/2019). Kereta MRT atau Ratangga akan dibuka untuk komersil antara tanggal 24 - 31 Maret 2019. ( LOTULUNG) - Mass Rapid Transit ( MRT) dan Light Rail Transit ( LRT) termasuk dalam jenis transportasi umum.

What is LRT in Malaysia?

There are two systems which are called LRT in Malaysia. Two are used in Kuala Lumpur to ferry paying passengers while the automated people mover is used at Kuala Lumpur International Airport to ferry passengers from the Main Terminal Building and the satellite building.

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