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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best movies about twins switching places?

The remake of The Parent Trap is probably the most notable film about twins switching places of all time! Who can forget a precocious Lindsay Lohan playing both Hallie Parker and Annie James (and even putting on a British accent for Annie!)?!

What are some movies about identical twins separated at birth?

The Parent Trap (1961) Identical twins separated at birth switch places in the hopes of getting their parents back together in this heartwarming comedy.

Can twintwins switch places?

Twins switching places is one of the most classic of them all. Sure, it may be a predictable premise, but who doesn’t love the wacky hijinks of identity-swapping shenanigans?!

What is the Lifetime Movie 'Twins' about?

According to the Lifetime description of the plot, the movie centers on twins who swap places on their 30th birthday. Sounds like a fun comedy, a la Parent Trap, right?

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