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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of Evil Twins in film?

When you think of evil twins in film, you might first look towards campy B-movie horror flicks. Indeed, such grotesque classics such as Basket Case, Sisters, The Dark Half, and Blood Rage all utilize the idea of a nefarious twin. But, if you think about it, the idea of an evil twin is not relegated to the horror genre.

What happened to the Twins in wrongwrong?

Wrong. This is a Lifetime movie, after all, which means murder is basically a requirement. One of the twins is killed, but it is quickly revealed that the killer was really targeting the surviving twin, who was saved by the fact that she was pretending to be her sister.

What is the Lifetime Movie 'Twins' about?

According to the Lifetime description of the plot, the movie centers on twins who swap places on their 30th birthday. Sounds like a fun comedy, a la Parent Trap, right?

What happens in Episode 18 of killer twin?

18. Killer Twin (2018 TV Movie) Kendra gets a teacher's award and her photo in the papers. Her criminal twin sister sees the photo. She blames Kendra for being left at the orphanage and wants to take over Kendra's perfect job, home and husband.

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