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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any horror movies with twins in them?

These aren't necessarily horror movies about twins, but they're all scary movies that feature twins at some point during the film. Obviously the Grady sisters from The Shining are the most iconic horror twins of all time, but there are actually a lot of scary movies that have twins in them outside of that.

What is the movie twintwins of Evil about?

Twins of Evil arrives on Blu-ray today, and tells the story of sisters — one naughty, the other nice — that become seduced by a vampiric Count and grow a few fangs of their own. Hammer’s raven-haired double threat weren’t the first on film to frighten audiences.

What movies have the Tai twins been in together?

The Tai twins have also appeared together in Rush Hour, Ed Wood, Rock Paper Scissors and Shui Hen. The original German film based on the popular children’s book of the same title (by Erich Kästner) in which girls meet at a summer camp without knowing they are twins who were separated at birth.

Who are the real twins in the movie Little Miss Sunshine?

Movie Description. Andy (Mickey Rooney) meets blonde twins on a train on his way to college. The twins (Lee and Lyn Walker) are played by real-life twins Lee and Lynn Wilde, who starred in a handful of films in the 40’s and 50’s.

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