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Who are the actors in the movie kidnapped?

A young man receives an emergency phone call on his cell phone from an older woman. The catch? The woman claims to have been kidnapped; and the kidnappers have targeted her husband and child next. Director: David R. Ellis | Stars: Kim Basinger, Chris Evans, Jason Statham, William H. Macy

What are some great movies about grandparents and grandkids?

10 great movies about grandparents and grandkids. 1 Whale Rider (2002) 2 Little Miss Sunshine (2006) 3 The Education of Little Tree (1997) 4 In Her Shoes (2005) 5 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) More items

What happened to Michael Montana's grandchild?

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Montana told deputies that his grandchild was sleeping in a playpen on Saturday when an unknown woman entered their home in Malibu and grabbed the child.

What are some kidnapping/hostage movies?

Kidnapping/Hostage Movies. 1 1. The Collector (1965) Not Rated | 119 min | Drama, Thriller. 2 2. Hostage (2005) 3 3. Trade (I) (2007) 4 4. Trapped (I) (2002) 5 5. Kiss the Girls (1997) More items

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