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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you mount a motorcycle tire?

Tube: Inflate the new tube a bit and put it inside the tire. Lever the tire onto the rim, inflate until the bead sets, then adjust pressure. Tubeless: Lever the tire onto the rim. Inflate until it the beat sets (POP), then adjust pressure. The devil is in the details. I could write a book on the details.

Can you put Snow tires on a motorcycle?

Yes , motorcycle snow tires do exist! You can even get snow chains for motorcycles. Some riders may cheat by mounting car snow tires. But remember, even with the improved traction of a snow tire,...

What are Your Motorcycle tyres made of?

A modern tyre is around 70% synthetic rubber and the remainder is carbon black (fine carbon powder) and other chemicals to make up the rest of the recipe. Compounders at tyre factories spend a great deal of time experimenting and improving the recipe.

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