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Frequently Asked Questions

When to replace your motorcycle tires?

Even if there are no signs of rot, the industry standard is to swap out tires before they hit 10 years old, and some tire companies recommend replacement as early as six years after manufacture.

How do you mount a motorcycle tire?

Tube: Inflate the new tube a bit and put it inside the tire. Lever the tire onto the rim, inflate until the bead sets, then adjust pressure. Tubeless: Lever the tire onto the rim. Inflate until it the beat sets (POP), then adjust pressure. The devil is in the details. I could write a book on the details.

Can you put Snow tires on a motorcycle?

Yes , motorcycle snow tires do exist! You can even get snow chains for motorcycles. Some riders may cheat by mounting car snow tires. But remember, even with the improved traction of a snow tire,...

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