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Frequently Asked Questions

Which motorcycle training course should I take?

For adult riders who have been riding for at least a year or riding again after time away, Returning Rider is the course to take. Take Basic Rider Skills 2 as an early-season refresher, to bond with a new motorcycle, or to gain experience riding with a passenger.

Can I get a Delaware motorcycle endorsement in another state?

Note: The State of Delaware cannot guarantee that other states will accept our course as certification for a motorcycle endorsement, nor can we guarantee the 10% liability insurance discount in other states. This program is administered through the Delaware Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles.

What is the student completion discount for a Delaware motorcycle insurance policy?

Course graduates receive an MSF and State of Delaware Student Completion Card, entitling you to a 10% liability insurance discount. This discount begins on the inception date or the first renewal date of your motorcycle policy and terminates at the policy's expiration date subsequent to three years after completion of the course.

How does a motorcycle safety class work at a dealership?

Some dealers will have the coach call you, welcome you, remind you of items to bring and answer any questions you might have about the class. Many states use the Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum and many of those employ the MSF Basic eCourse as a component of your overall class.

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