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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moretti’s?

Owner Mark Hoffmann says “Moretti’s is our family business, and we go above and beyond to deliver an energetic, high quality dining experience not only in our restaurant but for takeout, delivery to local homes and businesses, catering and private events in our restaurant. Let our family serve yours!” Moretti’s is Pizza and So Much More!

Does Moretti’s have free Wi-Fi?

With sharp, clear video screens in the bar area and throughout the restaurant, Moretti’s offers video entertainment and sports viewing from every seat, perfect for getting a group together and watching everyone’s favorite Chicago teams. Free Wi-Fi is accessible to all customers as well.

What kind of activities does Moretti's have?

We have tons of activities and promotions that run the gamut from pizza deals, and beanbag tournaments to customized parties to fit your every need. Award-Winning Moretti's pan and thin crust Chicago-style pizza is just the most famous part of Moretti's large menu.

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