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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when someone says More Cowbell?

The phrase is "more cowbell" and not "more cowbells" because Walken is asking that the one cowbell that's there be played more loudly. This is actually standard usage - someone might similarly ask for "more bass" or "more guitar", both in the singular.

What does you need More Cowbell mean?

Needs More Cowbell is a catchphrase originally quoted in a Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch featuring Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell. This expression is typically used to indicate something needs more emphasis--or literally, when it needs more cowbell.

Where to purchase cow bells?

Cow Bells at Tractor Supply Co.

Will Ferrell More Cowbell SNL?

During a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch on April 8, 2000, the catchphrase "more cowbell" was immortalized into pop culture history. The SNL sketch features Will Ferrell as cowbell player Gene Frenkle and guest host Christopher Walken as record producer Bruce Dickinson, both fictional characters.

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