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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Monterey Bay Aquarium serve seafood?

Our cafe serves only ocean-friendly seafood. All of our seafood selections are Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Best Choices or Good Alternatives. Check out how the Aquarium is transforming the seafood industry.

What is the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust?

This would have taken fishing rights out of the hands of Monterey Bay families who have been fishing these waters for generations and contributing to the groundfish recovery. To ensure continued local access to this newly sustainable fishery and support local family businesses, we helped form the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust.

What is Seafood Watch?

Consumers and business owners can use our recommendations to find seafood that is sustainably produced. Over the past 20 years, Seafood Watch has grown from advising consumers to working directly with businesses and governments around the world — increasing both the market demand for, and a reliable supply of, sustainable seafood.

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