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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tunnels under the Mobile River?

The tunnels carry Interstate 10 underneath the Mobile River from Blakely Island to downtown Mobile. There are two separate two-lane tunnels, one in each direction. The tunnel sections were constructed between 1969 and 1973 nearby and floated into place, then sunk.

Did you know there are tunnels beneath your feet in Alabama?

Here is a list of seven Alabama tunnels you probably didn't know were built beneath your feet. Submit your suggestions of other tunnels to [email protected] A tunnel beneath an alley allowed the owner of two Foley businesses to walk between them without ever stepping outside.

What is the Birmingham Water Works tunnel?

(Source: ScooterBill via The Birmingham Water Works Tunnel, built in 1888, once transported water from the Cahaba River to bustling downtown Birmingham. The incline tunnel – 2,126 feet long and 12 feet in diameter – was bored through Red Mountain near Lone Pine Gap, according to Bham Wiki.

What is the George Wallace Tunnel?

The George Wallace Tunnel is a pair of road tunnels that carry Interstate 10 through Mobile, Alabama from the city's downtown, going beneath the Mobile River, and emerging on Blakeley Island where they join the Jubilee Parkway over Mobile Bay.

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