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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the tunnel that crosses Mobile Bay?

On the eastern end, over Blakeley Island, the George C. Wallace Tunnel again slopes upward becoming the elevated spans of I-10, which cross Mobile Bay eastward, along the twin bridges of the curved I-10 Jubilee Parkway.

What is the George Wallace Tunnel?

The George Wallace Tunnel is a pair of road tunnels that carry Interstate 10 through Mobile, Alabama from the city's downtown, going beneath the Mobile River, and emerging on Blakeley Island where they join the Jubilee Parkway over Mobile Bay.

What is the name of the tunnel on I-10?

Cross the Mobile River! This tunnel is named after Alabama Governor and Presidential candidate George Wallace. It is actually two tunnels, one for eastbound I-10, and one for westbound I-10. The traffic is segregated, which Wallace would have liked.

How dangerous is the I-10 tunnel in Atlanta?

Accidents within the tunnel can be a frequent occurrence in busier months of the year, and as a result, can backup traffic for many miles due to cars having nowhere to go. Plans are in place to reroute Interstate 10 around the tunnel with a new 215-foot tall Mobile River Bridge.

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