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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Salvation Army headquarters located?

International Headquarters of The Salvation Army. The International Headquarters of the Salvation Army is located in London at 101 Queen Victoria Street, EC4P 4EP. This is a modern building on a site which has been used by the Salvation Army for its headquarters since 1881.

What are the hours of the Salvation Army?

For most locations, Salvation Army is open at 10 AM on Monday-Saturday. Though closing times may vary, typically Salvation Army will close at 6 PM on Monday-Saturday with the exception of Wednesday, where stores remain open an hour later (7 PM).

How does the Salvation Army help families?

The Salvation Army directly assists families in many ways, including camps and recreation programs, food assistance, holiday programs, housing aid and activity centers. Other services such as adult rehabilitation and worldwide disaster relief also help families directly or indirectly.

What is the Salvation Army donation?

The Salvation Army is a charitable organization that provides support to needy families and senior citizens. They accept both monetary and in-kind donations. In-kind donations are basically any household or clothing goods that are in serviceable condition and can be used by others.

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