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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a court case in Mobile Alabama?

For the Mobile Municipal Court, search for case and docket information from the Mobile City Records portal. To obtain copies of court records, come to the Municipal Payment Window on the ground floor of the Government Plaza located at 205 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama 36644.

Are Alabama court records public?

This means the public can access court records maintained by the different bodies under the Alabama court system. These records are available in both electronic and paper formats. A requestor may access available Alabama Court records through any of the following channels:

How do I get a copy of my court records in Mobile?

For more information about accessing and obtaining copies of Mobile County District and Circuit Court records, contact the Circuit Court Clerk by calling (251) 574-8806 or faxing (251) 574-8796. You can also visit the Clerk’s Office at Suite 913 of the Government Plaza Building.

Where is the primary trial court in Mobile County?

The primary trial court in Mobile County is the 13th Judicial Circuit Court. It occupies the Government Plaza located at 205 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama 36644. Mobile County Circuit Court is on the 6th and 8th floors of this building while the District Court is on the 4th floor and the Domestic Relations courtroom sits on the 2nd floor.

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