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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mall in Mobile Alabama?

Springdale Mall is a shopping center located in Mobile, Alabama, United States, directly across from Bel Air Mall. Opened in 1959 as an open-air shopping center, Springdale Mall was later redeveloped as an enclosed shopping center.

Is there a RV park in Alabama?

When the Ohio couple was looking at the site to open their RV Park, racing wasn't on their minds ... Time Away Resort, which opened in June, is one of the first Black-owned RV parks in Alabama. For Alicia Lawson, this accomplishment isn't something ...

What are RV parks?

The increase applies to all RV campsites with hookups – a typical RV site includes hookups for electrical and sewage – year-round across the state. Those sites will now cost between $30 and $50 per night for non-residents, compared to $24 to $40 for Oregon residents, the parks department said.

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