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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the background check laws in Minnesota?

Minnesota Background Checks: What you need to know. State law prohibits employers from obtaining “consumer reports” and “investigative consumer reports” for employment purposes unless it is clearly and accurately disclosed that a consumer report may be obtained or caused to be prepared ( MN Stat. Sec. 13C.001et seq. ).

Does Department of Health require background check?

The department will notify applicants who need to undergo this background check. For these applicants, failure to submit fingerprints will delay processing of their applications. Most applicants for health profession licenses will not undergo this criminal background check.

What is background check authorization?

The background check authorization form is permission by an individual to another, a company, employer or other entities to investigate his or her past records and incidents or accidents on record.

What is dot background check?

Health Street's DOT Employment Background Check examines three years of DOT drug and alcohol testing results at prior employers. DOT requires that you check with prior employers to find out if a job candidate for a safety-sensitive position has failed a drug or alcohol test over the past three years.

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