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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you are disqualified from a DHS background study?

You could be disqualified from positions that require a DHS background study if you are found to have committed certain crimes, been determined responsible for maltreatment of a vulnerable adult or child, or have other records that require a disqualification. If you do not have a disqualifying record, you will be cleared to work.

Does Minnesota require background checks for direct contact jobs?

Minnesota has some of the strictest background check laws for direct contact jobs in the nation. You may want to consider working in another state with less stringent direct care jobs. Change Careers. Background checks are done for all jobs where you may have direct contact with vulnerable people or patients.

What is the background study process in Minnesota?

BACKGROUND STUDY PROCESS Minnesota Statute §245C.03 requires that certain persons receive a background study by DHS.

Who is disqualified from employment in a DHS facility?

PROCEDURE The people whom DHS and counties disqualify from employment in licensed facilities are often individuals who have relatively little formal education. Being cleared for a job is usually of critical importance to them.

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