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Frequently Asked Questions

Can MLB players dip during games?

Some can, some can’t. The use of tobacco products during MLB games is prohibited by the CBA for all players that haven’t yet played at the major-league level.[1] Likewise, some cities (like New York) ban the use of smokeless tobacco products at their ballparks; so even if a player isn’t prohibited by the CBA, local ordinances may prohibit the act.

What radio station is MLB playoffs on?

The Chicago radio home for the MLB Playoffs will be WMVP-AM/ESPN 1000. ESPN Radio will be covering all of the baseball playoffs and the upcoming World Series taking place throughout October. With WMVP-AM being Chicago's ESPN radio station, the vast majority of those games will be heard there locally.

What is the MLB game score?

Game Score is a metric devised by Bill James to determine the strength of a pitcher in any particular baseball game. To determine a starting pitcher's game score: Start with 50 points. Add one point for each out recorded, so three points for every complete inning pitched.

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