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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a missense and nonsense mutation?

The nonsense and missense mutations vary in the fact that the missense mutation inserts a different codon other than the stop codon to the gene sequence, resulting in the non-synonymous amino acid in the polypeptide chain. On the other hand, the nonsense mutation inserts a stop codon into the gene sequence, resulting in premature chain termination.

What are the consequences of a missense mutation?

A missense mutation changes a codon so that a different protein is created, a non-synonymous change. Result in an amino acid change. However, the properties of the amino acid remain the same (e.g., hydrophobic, hydrophilic, etc). At times, a change to one amino acid in the protein is not detrimental to the organism as a whole.

What is a silent mutation?

A silent mutation is a type of point mutation where just a single nucleotide is changed. This type of mutation causes no change in the protein that is produ … View the full answer

How do silent missense nonsense mutations affect protein function?

Like a missense mutation, a nonsense mutation also involves a single alteration to the DNA base pair. However, in the case of a nonsense mutation, this single change results in the production of a stop codon, thereby terminating protein synthesis prematurely. The result? A shortened protein that may function, but also may not.

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