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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mis Haryana (Saksham Haryana education portal)?

Haryana being a state which highly encourages and strives for better education of its people now launched this portal to provide better services in the state. The education sector of Haryana Government launched this and looks after this portal. To know more about MIS Haryana (Saksham Haryana education Portal) go through this article.

What is mis portal Haryana 2023?

MIS Portal Haryana 2023 is created by the Department of education under the Government of Haryana so that Technology advancement can be provided to the government schools teachers and students.

What is the Haryana online portal?

This online portal is an excellent initiative by the Haryana government, which allows all the teachers, officers, and teachers to access technological education and systems such as the Management Information System, Student Assessment, and test portal. This Online portal can be used for managing and assessing students’ performance.

How to apply for leave online in Haryana?

Apply Leave Online :- Employee can apply his/her any type of leave. Credentials used for Login :- Intra-Haryana / Karamchari Sahayak website userid and password will be used for login .

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