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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good dog for a Yorkie?

Surprisingly, a lot of families recommend a Yorkie as a first dog. In general, this breed is known to be very active and agile despite its small size. They are also good with kids making it a strong contender for any family looking to bring home a dog.

Is a Yorkie a rare dog?

It is a rare purebred dog that is a result of the occurrence recessive piebald gene in Yorkshire Terriers. They are friendly, energetic, playful, and considered to be rare. A Must-Read: My Yorkie Is Constipated What Can I Do?

Are teacup Yorkies good pets?

Teacup Yorkies are good pets for families with older children. Younger children will love to pick you the tiny dog again and again. They may not understand the correct way to hold a teacup Yorkie and this will lead to stress on dog.

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