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Frequently Asked Questions

Who accepts the military star card?

Military Star cards are accepted at Army and Air Force exchanges, Marine Corps exchanges, Navy exchanges, Coast Guard exchanges, and exchange catalogs. Additionally, online sites associated with military exchanges also accept these cards. The Military Star Rewards MasterCard is welcomed at any civilian outlet that accepts standard MasterCard.

Who is eligible for a military star credit card?

A Military STAR card is a credit card that military personnel use at base exchanges. To be eligible for the card, you must be an active or retired military member, reservist or family member eligible for military shopping benefits.

How to make a payment on a military star card?

How to Make a Payment on a Military Star Card In-person Payment. To make an in-person payment, visit the customer service department in any Exchange store. ... Telephone Payments. Contact the Exchange credit call center at 877-891-782 to pay over the telephone. ... Online Payments. Visit the Military Star Card website at to make an online payment. ...

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