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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new military star 15% discount for new cardholders?

DALLAS – Soldiers, Airmen, Guardians and military shoppers looking to save at military exchanges and commissaries can receive an additional 15% savings when they open and use a new MILITARY STAR ® account. The discount applies to all purchases made the first day and is in place of the regular 10% discount for new cardholders.

Where can I use the military star card?

The MILITARY STAR card is administered by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service and is accepted at all military exchanges and commissaries. For more information, visit Social-media-friendly version: Shoppers who open and use a new MILITARY STAR ® account from Aug. 20 to Sept. 2 will receive 15% off on all first-day purchases.

How does the Military Star Rewards program work?

All cardholders are automatically enrolled in the MILITARY STAR Rewards Program and will earn 2% rewards on every purchase. 2% equals 2 points for every $1 on qualifying purchases at all military exchanges and other participating locations. After 2,000 points, customers will receive a $20 rewards card.

What is the military star military clothing plan?

Military Clothing Plan feature of the MILITARY STAR account may not be available to all eligible account holders. Rewards exclude Military Clothing line of credit. Maximum amount $1,000. Eligible items include DLATS merchandise and authorized commercial uniform clothing and accessories.

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