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Frequently Asked Questions

How is military retired pay divided in a divorce?

If it is met, and the state court has jurisdiction over the service member, military retired pay can be divided as property in the divorce. A divorce court can also allocate survivor benefits to a former military spouse.

Can I get military retirement pay after divorce?

Understanding Divorce in the Military Military Retirement Pay/Pension. Direct retirement payments are made through the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). ... Calculating the Marital Share for Active Members. ... Thrift Savings Plan. ... Survivor Benefits Plan. ... Base Privileges. ... Tricare. ... Stay on Top of Your Benefits. ...

Can a court divide military retirement pay upon divorce?

The USFSPA simply allows a state divorce court to treat military retirement pay as property of the military member, or joint property, depending on the laws of that particular state (in other words, if the state law allows division of civilian retirement pay for divorce, it will usually also allow division of military retired pay for divorce).

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