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Frequently Asked Questions

Does USAA have a retirement calculator?

USAA launches new online calculator to assist with changes from DoD’s new Blended Retirement System. USAA has made its Military Retirement Comparison Tool available to all service members, following changes to the Department of Defense's retirement plan, according to a USAA press release.

What is the Department of Defense doing with its retirement calculator?

The Department of Defense is feverishly hustling building a calculator that will analyze which retirement system is better for servicemember careers and finances. The calculator was supposed to be launched back in January 2017 but it’s run into delays. ( The contractors are fixing the last few bugs .)

What are your chances of retiring from the military?

Anyone serving today may have only a 1 out of 6 chance of reaching their military retirement. Retention is more than a financial decision, but it helps to put the numbers on it.

How many military retirees will be affected by the military pension changes?

"The Department of Defense has called this the most significant change to military retirement to date and estimates that more than 1 million active-duty, Guard and Reserve members will be affected by this change," said retired Vice Adm. John Bird, USAA's senior vice president of military affairs.

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