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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new on Microsoft Edge?

What's New in Microsoft Edge 100App Sync. The sync service that powers features including Favorites, Settings, History, and more has been expanded to include your installed web apps - that is, PWAs and websites installed ...The Your available apps section. ...Redesigned Apps menu. ...

How can I stop Microsoft Edge from updating?

taskkill /im MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.exe /f rd "%ProgramFiles (x86)%MicrosoftEdgeUpdate" /s /q. This will prevent Edge from auto-updating. To update it manually, you will need to download Edge setup. Download Microsoft Edge. need to also delete the following registry keys in RegEdit (along with deleting the EdgeUpdate files and tasks):

What s new in Microsoft Edge?

What you need to knowMicrosoft Edge has an update available that brings the browser to version 98.0.1108.43.The update adds a browsing mode to Edge that prioritizes security.People can now customize their multi-profile browsing experience within Microsoft Edge.

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