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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pay your bill on Metro PCS?

A credit or debit card, along with an Internet connection, is all you need to pay your monthly bill manually on MetroPCS' website. Simply visit the "Make a Payment" page on the carrier's website, enter your phone number, proceed to the next page and enter your credit card details before finalizing the transaction.

How do I pay my Metro PCS?

By phone: You can pay your MetroPCS bill by calling the customer service department at 1-888-863-8768. You are charged a nominal fee for making a bill payment over the phone. By mail: Send your bill payment to the address listed in your monthly bill.

Does MetroPCS offer free phones?

MetroPCS offers free phones, bonus data deal. T-Mobile is switching focus back to its prepaid offshoot, MetroPCS, by announcing a new handset deal for existing and prospective customers, as well as continuing its bonus data offer from late last year.

Can I pay my Metro PCS bill with my checking account?

How you make a payment depends on how you want it. You can chose from the payment options below: Through your 'My Account' at MetroPCS: - AutoPay is the easiest way to pay your MetroPCS bill because it allows an automatic debit to be made each month to a debit/credit card or checking account.

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