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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Metro PCS a good cell phone service?

Metro PCS phones are made by T-Mobile which while not the most popular phones, have the best-prepaid plans . In fact, Metro is famed for having the best LTE network performance of any prepaid carrier. Unlimited plans on Metro are also the best of the lot which gives even more reason to stick with it.

Does Metro PCS have good service?

Verdict / MetroPCS is a great value for unlimited plans, and the T-Mobile network is ideal in urban areas. MetroPCS is a great budget cell phone carrier. It’s a prepaid subsidiary of T-Mobile, and it runs on that network, so you get great speeds at a discount.

Is Metro PCS any good?

For MetroPCS, the unlimited data promotion is a good way to convince existing customers to upgrade to new devices that can use its shiny new LTE network. The plans aren’t going to be ground-shaking turning points for either company — but they should help keep some of their most valuable smartphone customers happy.

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