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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take become a meteorologist?

Prospective meteorologists must complete at least 4 years of college study by completing a bachelor's program in meteorology or a related discipline. It is also possible to become one by taking another science subject, like physics, and completing a graduate program, which takes an additional 2 years.

What education is required to become a meteorologist?

If your school offers calculus and physics, take these two classes because they'll help you a lot once you get into college. The basic requirement for becoming a meteorologist or a climatologist is a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Sciences.

What is the job description of a meteorologist?

Meteorologist: job description. Meteorologists use a variety of scientific techniques to understand, interpret, observe and predict the earth's atmosphere and its phenomena. Meteorologists often choose to specialise in either forecasting or research.

What are the duties of a meteorologist?

Meteorologists study the earth’s atmosphere – particularly climate and weather – in order to forecast weather conditions. The main duties of meteorologists include: recording and analysing data from worldwide weather stations, satellites, radars and remote sensors.

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