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Frequently Asked Questions

What is metmetanoia's Moodle?

Metanoia Institute introduced Moodle in September 2016, to help co-ordinate the administrative, teaching and learning processes, which form a major part of the business front-end, interfaced by staff and students.

What resources does metmetanoia Institute have?

Metanoia Institute has a wealth of learning resources. Our Library is open seven (7) days a week and is staffed by Pam Louison and Kathryn Bull. The library catalogue is publicly available and allows students to browse the books on our shelves from home.

How do I contact the Metanoia library?

For library queries please email [email protected] or phone: 020 8832 3084. Books can be collected outside of these hours (if arranged in advance), from reception between 9am and 10pm. Books can be returned to the library return box in the hallway.

When can I apply to study at Metanoia?

You can apply to study at Metanoia at any time throughout the year. Most of our programmes, at Metanoia are scheduled to begin in September of each academic year. Our Doctorate programmes are run in partnership with Middlesex University and are run continuously throughout the year.

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