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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Messier 27 look like from the side?

When observed from Earth, Messier 27 appears along its equatorial plane, much like the Little Dumbbell Nebula (M76) in Perseus constellation, named for its resemblance to M27. It we could see the Dumbbell Nebula from the side, it would likely appear similar to the Ring Nebula, Messier 57, in Lyra constellation.

What does M27 stand for?

Messier 27 (M27), also known as the Dumbbell Nebula, Diabolo Nebula or Apple Core Nebula, is a planetary nebula in Vulpecula. The Dumbbell Nebula is large in size and quite bright, which makes it a popular object among amateur astronomers.

What is the size of the star M27?

M27 was discovered by Charles Messier on July 12, 1764. It's located 1,360 light-years from Earth and has an apparent diameter of 8.0 x 5.6 arc minutes.

What is the M27 Nebula?

Located within the equatorial plane, this nebula is essentially a dying star that has been ejecting a shell of hot gas into space for roughly 48,000 years. Picture of M27 processed and combined using IRAF and MaxIm DL. Credit: Wikipedia Commons/Mohamad Abbas

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