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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Messier 24?

Messier 24 is sometimes called the Small Sagittarius Star Cloud, to distinguish it from the Large Sagittarius Star Cloud, which lies further to the south and consists of stars in the galactic bulge that are not obscured by interstellar dust.

What is M24 in the Milky Way?

Unlike most entries in Charles Messier's famous catalog of deep sky objects, M24 is not a bright galaxy, star cluster, or nebula. It's a gap in nearby, obscuring interstellar dust clouds that allows a view of the distant stars in the Sagittarius spiral arm of our Milky Way galaxy.

How did M24 get its name?

In 1905, Irish astronomer Agnes Mary Clerke provided an explanation for M24’s other name, Delle Caustiche, noting that it was given to the object by the Italian astronomer and astronomical spectroscopy pioneer Father Pietro Angelo Secchi. Messier 24, the Sagittarius Star Cloud.

What is the Messier catalog?

Consisting of 100 objects, the Messier Catalog has come to be viewed as a major milestone in the study of Deep Space Objects. One such object is Messier 24, otherwise known as the Sagittarius Star Cloud (or Delle Caustiche).

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