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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Messier 21 (M21)?

Messier 21 (M21) is an open cluster located in the southern constellation Sagittarius. It has an apparent magnitude of 6.5. The cluster lies at an approximate distance of 4,250 light years from Earth.

What does M21 stand for?

Messier 21 or M21, also designated NGC 6531 or Webb's Cross, is an open cluster of stars in the north-east of Sagittarius, angularly close to the Messier objects M20 to M25, save for M24. It was discovered and catalogued by Charles Messier on June 5, 1764.

What is the Messier catalog?

Consisting of 100 objects, the Messier Catalog has come to be viewed as a major milestone in the study of Deep Space Objects. One of these objects is Messier 21 (aka. NGC 6531), an open star cluster located in the Sagittarius constellation. A relatively young cluster that is tightly packed, this object is not visible to the naked eye.

How old is Messier 21?

Messier 21 is only 4.6 million years old, which makes it relatively young for an open star cluster. It is only 10 percent of the age of Messier 45, the famous Pleiades cluster in Taurus, and 1 percent the age of the Sun. Messier 21. Image: Wikisky

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