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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of Messier 64?

Messier 64 has an apparent magnitude of 9.36 and lies at a distance of 24 million light years from Earth. The galaxy has the designation NGC 4826 in the New General Catalogue. The Black Eye Galaxy occupies an area of 10.71 x 5.128 arc minutes, corresponding to a linear diameter of 70,000 light years.

Why is Messier 64 called the black eye?

Messier 64 is known for the spectacular large dark band of dust in front of its bright central region, which has earned the galaxy the nicknames the Black Eye or Evil Eye. The dust band has also helped astronomers estimate which side of M64 is nearer to us.

What Galaxy did Charles Messier discover in 1779?

Messier 64 - M64 - Black Eye Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy) This galaxy is located in the constellation of Coma Berenices and was discovered by English astronomer Edward Pigott on March 23, 1779. Twelve days later Johann Elert Bode independently found it and Charles Messier adding it to his catalogue on March 1, 1780.

What is the interstellar medium of Messier 64 composed of?

The interstellar medium of Messier 64 consists of two counter-rotating disks that are approximately equal in mass. The inner disk contains the prominent dust lanes of the galaxy. The stellar population of the galaxy exhibits no measurable counter-rotation.

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