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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you log in to Facebook Messenger?

Windows Phone Open the Windows Store. Search for "Facebook Messenger.". Tap "Messenger" in the list of results. Tap "Install" to begin downloading Messenger. Log into Facebook Messenger. Add your phone number (optional). Decide if you want to allow Messenger to scan your phone's contacts. Start using Messenger to chat.

How do I log out of Facebook Messenger?

Go to, then select Settings from the dropdown menu onthe top right. Go to Security and Login, then find the section called Where You're Logged In. Find the Messenger session you'd like to log out of, click the three dots on the right, then click Log Out.

Can I log out on Facebook Messenger?

Log Out From Messenger Via the Facebook App Open the Facebook app and sign into the corresponding account that you want to disconnect from Messenger. Tap the menu option (represented by the hamburger icon located at the bottom of the screen from the home feed tab on iOS and at the top of the screen ... Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy > Settings . Tap Security and Login . More items...

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