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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Oncology at Mercy Redding cancer centers?

Oncologists that practice at the Mercy Redding Cancer Centers use a team approach to provide the finest quality of care. A tumor board brings together radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists to examine each diagnosis, and strategize and plan the best treatment for each patient.

What is the infusion center at Mercy Redding?

The Infusion Center at the Mercy Redding Cancer Centers offers infusion services in a patient-friendly environment. Our center strives to offer the best experience possible under what can be difficult circumstances.

Why choose mercy for cancer treatment?

Mercy oncologists & hematologists will help you create a pain management plan during your cancer treatment. Learn about options to manage pain & keep you comfortable. Mercy's oncologists & hematologists provide advanced chemotherapy treatments for all types of cancer. Learn about the benefits & what to expect before, during & after chemo.

What is an outpatient infusion center?

The outpatient infusion center in St. Louis at Mercy Hospital South provides a comfortable, relaxed setting for patients to receive infusion services such as chemotherapy. Our center is supervised by a certified oncology nurse with a team of RNs and support staff who are specifically educated on the care of infusion patients.

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