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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Member rewards program?

Member Rewards Programs incentivize beneficiaries for completing health-beneficial tasks. Members earn dollars, typically in the form of gift cards, for a variety of actions such as: Signing up for the rewards program. Completing a health risk assessment. Completing an annual wellness exam. Getting a flu shot.

Which Hotels accept points from the AMEX membersip rewards program?

This means you can directly or indirectly use AMEX Membership Rewards points to book a free night at Marriott, Ritz-Carlton , and Starwood hotels. With AMEX Membership Rewards Points, You Can Indirectly Get Your Points to Ritz-Carlton, Which Means You Can Book Free Nights at Luxurious Hotels Like The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo!

How to redeem American Express membership rewards for maximum value?

Redeem Membership Rewards: High-value options. If you’re looking to receive solid value from your American Express Membership Rewards points, transferring them to partner hotel and airline loyalty programs is your best bet. When you convert points into a hotel or airline currency, you can redeem them for free hotel nights and award flights that might otherwise be quite costly.

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